How do I Doomsday Prep on a Budget – Is prepping a good idea?

It is easy for the cost to rack up when you are concerned with getting everything you need for your doomsday preparation. 

34.91% of the American population already has survival items with them in case of an emergency ( The truth is that not all doomsday preppers have the same concerns about what may come. Some people are afraid of chemical warfare, others about civil unrest, natural disasters, and so on. 

Not only should the preparations include basic necessities for survival but a route towards a game plan in case their fears turn out to be true in the future. This goes to show that a preparation plan must always be strategic. 

Keeping that in mind and how easily the cost can rack up when you execute your prep plan, it makes sense that you would seek out budget-friendly ways to amass all your supplies.

Outline Your Budget:

It is absolutely fine if you feel like you need everything all at once. However, this can lead to a lot of frustration especially if you cannot get everything that is in your prep list. The way you may want to go about it is that you would jot down all the necessities and then immediately buy everything on it. But we must see how this influences our daily finances. 

In order to make this possible the very first thing you need to do is evaluate your current financial standing. One of the things you will find is that you can’t add a consistent portion to your shopping. Instead, a good idea would be to look at the amount that you save every month. 

Do not tamper with your existing savings. Make new ones. Cut back on one day that you usually eat out for instance and add that to your doomsday budget. Or you can even make healthier changes, for example walking short distances instead of taking the car, therefore saving on the money that is spent on gas. It is important that you have a realistic figure for your budget. 

The Art of Stockpiling:

What makes it to the list and what does not is very important. Many people assume everything that you already use in routine life should make it to the stockpile but that is 

The first thing that your mind will go towards is food. Here is everything that you should buy.

Canned Food:

Not only is canned food easy on the wallet, but almost all kinds of items also are available in canned variations and the best part about it is that it can last for years. 


This can be tricky as you want to stockpile gallons of pure drinking water, but since you are on a budget we recommend getting a tank space and filling it with filtered water which you can use for drinking and washing, just in case.


Sugar is an essential ingredient that you would require in bulk quantities. Best to get it from a wholesaler. 

Potato Flour:

Instead of getting a particular purpose flour, go for potato flour which is amazingly versatile and is great as a thickening agent for many recipes, instead of buying a separate thickening product. 


Oats are your best source of carbs and energy in survival mode Another great staple is rice and dry pasta which lasts longer and has a minimal fat content.

Powdered Milk:

This will serve for both caffeine creamers as well as milk for the household. 

Cooking Oil:

This is a must-have for all kinds of cooking.  

Things You Absolutely Need:

You will definitely need a fully stocked first aid kit and a lot of utility tools such as an ax, handsaw, scissors, and a utility knife. 

You may also want to think about gear such as a fishing rod, a hunting rifle and a set of bow and arrow. 

Account for Items You Already Have in the House:

When you sat down to make doomsday preparations in your head you probably thought about things that you already have in the pantry. If you already have a first aid kit, then you just have to make sure that you are good at keeping it fully supplied when you run out of something as you usually would, instead of buying a new one. 

Sales and Coupons:

Another great way to the budget would be to use coupons, at least till you have everything on your prep list. 

While you are in the process of finishing your doomsday preparation you must seize every chance you get at a sale or a lesser priced item. Almost all major food manufacturers will offer you coupons or codes on their official sites, or social media pages. It only takes a few minutes to browse for these. 

Impulsive Buys:

You may have already noticed that there are certain marketers who specifically target the niche of doomsday preppers. These products will claim that they are essential, making you place it in your cart without a second thought. 

Remind yourself that whether something is an essential item depends entirely on what you and your family’s needs are. If you are unsure a neat way around it while keeping your budget intact is to purchase items secondhand.  

Commercial Food:

Commercial foods are not any better than what you are used to eating when you get food items. They won’t serve you any different when you use them. So if you are spending extra dollars just because a commercial product is advertised to be good for emergencies you are wasting your money. 

What you should be looking at is what will last such as tin food and then make the final choice. 

Remember when you are budgeting for your doomsday preparations you are basically completing a little at a time, and that is how you will get over with it. If you feel like your contributions may have no effect think again, slow and steady wins the race without you having to worry about making a huge dent in your finances in one go.

Written by David Lee

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