What are the Best Survival Gadgets in 2020 – Every survivalist needs.

If you are the sort to decide to prepare for a future plan of action where you may need survival gadgets in an emergency, or simply have a thirst for adventure and camping in the wilderness; you may be browsing for outdoor gadgets or pocket survival gadgets. 

You are in luck, it is 2020 and innovation is nothing like you have seen before in the tech market. Some of the best items are not only functional for their utility but are designed to be compact and easy to carry. Check out our list for the year’s top survival gadgets. 

Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter  | Model: 31-000699

Firestarters are a godsend. Sure the first thing that you may have learned about making it out in the wilderness is how to start a fire. The Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter saves you time and effort. The 31-000699 model is super affordable and also durable. So if you are someone who likes to go camping every year or more, this is an essential you need to invest in. 

Some of the great features about the Firestarter are the emergency whistle, and the exterior waterproof layer so that even if it rains or you drop it in a body of water it will still work. It is around 4 inches long which does not really take up too much space in your backpack. 

The Firestarter can be used for a campfire, a bonfire, and even for cooking food. If you have never used a Firestarter before you will find the survival sheet that comes with it really handy. The design is simple to use and is guaranteed to trigger a spark in the coldest of conditions. 

BigBlue Waterproof 3-USB-Port 28 W Solar Charger | Model: B401

BigBlue updated their solar charger device this year to 28 watts. It comes with smart charging technology that pairs with your mobile device and other smart devices that you may take with you. The solar charger has a  total of 3 USB ports which allow for 5 volts.

What is really cool about the solar charger is that it also has short circuit and overheating protection so you do not have to worry about overcharging it or leaving it on for too long. And the best part is that you are harnessing the energy of the sun all day while you are outdoors which is great for the environment. 

If you are on a hiking trail with nothing but the bag you have taken with you, know that the solar charger will not take up too much space. The panels are foldable four ways and that is pretty much all of the devices. They span 11 inches by 6 inches and are only a little bit over an inch in thickness. They are also lightweight, weighing only 20 oz. 

If you are worried about using it during the rainy weather don’t be. The efficient panels have PET polymer which protects them from rain or fog. The panels may not be able to extract too much energy in these conditions but they stay protected till the sun comes out again. 

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife | Model: 31-000751

The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife will easily become your favorite this season. It does everything from cutting food for cooking outdoors to shaving wood, and a handy companion for fishing as well. It is safe to say whatever the adventure, do not leave this at home. 

The Ultimate Knife has a rubber grip and comes as a kit with a knife sharpener. After using it for some time you may also realize that it is durable and not very susceptible to falls or scratches. There is a loop at the end of it which helps with carrying and placing the knife outdoors. 

Since this is both versatile and reliable, we recommend this as the top weaponry gadget that you can have on your person. 

Lifestraw Water Filter | Model: LSPHF017

This makes one of the best gadgets out there. The water filter has already won awards for its utility and design. The label claims that it is an excellent tool for both the outdoors as well as for emergency situations. 

Measuring 9 inches in length and only a single inch in diameter, this outdoor gadget can filter up to 1000 gallons of water, which is 4000 liters. It does this without the use of any water cleaning agents or chemicals like chlorine. 

This is better than iodine tablets for when you need to drink but there is only contaminated water around. LifeStraw water filter cleans around 99.9% of bacteria and waterborne parasites. 

It is also easy to use after the water has been filtered with a high flow rate and ultralight portability. 

During times when you are out of clean drinking water, this is really helpful. We recommend this not just for adventures and camping but also for keeping it with you when you are outside. 

Swiss Safe Emergency Blanket | Model: Matte Black and Gold

It is easy to underestimate the weather and your will to take it head-on when you are packing all your outdoor supplies. The SwissSafe Emergency Thermal blanket is a two-sided aluminized blanket that comes with an extra gold foil hued blanket. 

The blanket is fashioned from military-grade polyethylene mylar and spans 52 inches by 82 inches. 

The super lightweight blanket comes in a compact packaging which makes it easy to pack along with your other survival gadgets. The two-sided tones help with the conditions that you may be facing. The gold side reflects heat and can be used in warmer climates while the black side absorbs it. 

These are a must-have in case of an emergency survival situation. The SwissSafe blanket is both wind and waterproof which makes them useful for keeping you dry and warm. You can use them in a multitude of ways from a sleeping bag liner, to a ground cover sheet, or even as a cover for your camping tent if you prefer. 

Written by David Lee

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