Combine together to fight the difficulties

What is the existence of plants but they are better than mankind?  A few plants form a flat-shaped structure called ‘lichen’. Through it, the roots of the algae reach the fuselage and the algae of the fuselage. The bag that the algae lack completes the snare and the bag continues to develop in exchange for both the algae lacking the fungus. In the welfare of others, in the welfare of others, in the well-being of all, the societies that experience their well-being grow and grow in the same way and also take away the small inferior people who are buried under lack of cooperation Live.

‘Scorpion’ fish allow small hydra species to thrive on their bodies, they are small animals that are spread in thousands from one end to the other. They are green in appearance. They are nourished completely above the body of the fish.

Behring’s convoys run in the polar region. This convoy, used to natural life, can easily cope with all the difficulties there, but the most surprising thing is that this convoy is defeated by the small foxes there. The famous writer Steller has called this his past a war of Behring’s convoys and has told that in the beginning, this convoy would come to the place where the foxes would camp and steal their food, the food started to be covered with stones. The stones are also kept so weighty that even the fox cannot take them apart. The convoys were confused that even then their food would have been stolen and the stone would have been thrown away from that place.

It seemed that a big animal comes and was therefore stared. The matter turned out to be very bizarre, a group of foxes came together, one of them stood on a high hill, one on the other side. This was the watchman, his job was to inform his colleagues about any possible. The remaining foxes moved forward and, with power, lifted the weighed stone and separated and stole the food.

Now the convoys placed a stone on top of it and lifted the pillar and placed food on it, but the foxes could not escape even then. Now the foxes climbed on their back and put a tight fox up on top of it. All picked up the fallen food and then landed the fox climbed up and went away in isolation and ate all the food.

Written by David Lee

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