Love, sympathy and kindness are for all

There was a time when figs were found only in Argentina. From there, some fig plants called Smyrna were brought to California (America). Many efforts were made to grow these plants, good manure was given, water was given, the soil was given but everything was fruitless. The fig plant grew, it also had flowers, but was infertile. The fruit did not come on those flowers. Scientists made all efforts to pollinate but they did not work.

Finally, an American scientist went to the country from where the fig plant came. While doing a subtle study of the growth of the plant, he noticed that only when the Barr (fly) of a particular caste arrives at these plants, the action of ‘pollination’ (coincidence in plants) is completed. These burrs were then brought to California. As soon as she was sitting on the flowers of these plants, the process of ‘Pollination’ started and the infertile fig plants started to flourish. This Barr also gets enough pollen from this flower for itself. Most of its nutrition comes from these fig flowers.

The process of cooperation for ‘Polynation’ is strangely occurring on many other plants. Flies, butterflies may be the plant that pollinates one flower to another flower in this process, but a wild plant is found in America, which conceives (fertilizes) without a white moth called ‘Proneuba’. Does not.

Love, sympathy and kindness are synonymous with the method of giving support and assistance by recognizing each other’s spiritual needs. Those requirements can only be known by entering the interior. When this plant blooms, the female protubea sits on the flower and, with the help of its legs, collects pollen to form a small ball shape and sticks it to its feet. She then flies from there and sits on another flower and leaves that pollen in a circular shape, which makes the flower ‘fertilize’. The protubea sits in the ‘obari’ (uterus) of the same flower and then lays its eggs. These eggs keep growing in the same flower until they become very large. Neither the offspring of a kite is possible without this flower, nor a flower without this kite. This is just an example, the truth is that the whole world is developing through love and cooperation. Without these qualities, walking of the universe is not possible even for a moment.

‘Juquorelli’ is a type of vegetation, which does not survive in the open sky like other flora. Her soft cells are unable to bear the intense shock of sun, cold and rain, like soft children, sick and disabled people.

Hydra is a small organism, it needs food but it is difficult for him to get suitable food. Nature has created something like this.

Written by David Lee

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