Struggle vs cooperation

Steller wrote, ‘It is surprising that a small creature like a fox understood and benefitted from the importance of cooperation and cooperation, while a human-like creature possesses mutual jealousy, malice and self-respect.’ The circles prevent him from moving forward. The highway to happiness and peace, prosperity and prosperity is that human beings should also learn to live together and learn to cooperate with each other by considering their interest as connected with the interest of others. This instinct can make social life systematic.

The social life of the birds of lava, savannah in the western part of America gives an important motivation for mutual cooperation to man. These birds roam in solitude for their food, but the need for abdominal nutrition is fulfilled that they gather to enjoy social life and then there are different kinds of sports in them. Perhaps these birds have given inspiration. To be told the truth, the whole human society is a club, if people considered stomach and fertility as a simple duty, they would not have considered life-like these birds and played with their movements if they did not increase their fights for the same, today the numerous Social problems are causing a crisis in peace and order, nor would human beings have lived a life of laughter and happiness.

It is the spirit of cooperation in human beings that fosters feelings of mutual reverence, discipline and love. A life without sympathy becomes a life not only of suffering and confusion but also of violence and barbarism. Why do humans not like such wild animals? Russian zoologist Mr Cybert Sof was studying animals living in the plains — then a strange phenomenon occurred in front of him. He saw a white-tailed eagle bird hovering in the sky. After hovering like that for half an hour, he made a kind of sound. This voice was loud. He seemed to have called someone to run. As soon as he heard that voice, the second eagle made a sound and ran to him. In this way, ten-twelve eagles gathered there. Then, no matter what happened, they all disappeared. Around noon, the entire group of eagles landed at the same place. Cyber Soph took a position from where all his actions could be seen. All the eagles reached the corpse of a horse. First, the old eagles ate his flesh. Then they moved out to monitor and then the other eagles ate meat. The social sentiments of the eagles greatly influenced Cybert Soph.

Prince Kopatin spent his entire life studying nature. He has gathered the conclusions drawn from the behaviour of animals and animals in the book ‘Struggle not cooperation’, that the happiness of mankind is in the development of emotions, not in competition. With the development of emotions, he can get joy and joy and laughter and happiness in a life of lack. He has written – Seeing how much the flamingos of Dhruv region live with mutual love and faith, they have a pity for human intelligence and it seems that despite being intelligent, humans do not recognize the depths of life. Many times, a flamingo rejects his children in boasting or in rage, then the fatherless children mix the side female with him, they also have children of their own, but all of them get mixed up as if they were two. Instead of being born from the stomach, there should be children of the same male and female. The female loves them all with the same vision and maintains them until they grow up. Big ducks are not used to building houses, so they face the problem of keeping their eggs. If there is no scarcity in the world, from where does speed come? Difficulties are also necessary for progress. Humans do not understand it when non-human beings understand it and keep their lives depleted and happy and free. Big ducks collect their eggs in one place and sit in order and keep them incubated. This saves the labour of many ducks and saves them trouble. The tradition of organized families is such a model of the Indian way of life, but today we are forgetting it and we are going on with the sufferings of solitude.

Written by David Lee

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