‘Survival of the fittest’ is not always true

If both plants and other animals could not be seen in this world if only the principle of ‘life of capable’ was working in the world. Admittedly, for the improvement of living organisms, nature also has to conduct a rigorous and punitive process sometimes but it is more gentle and sensitive. She continues to inspire each of her atoms to living in mutual love and cooperation. When his example is also seen on these small creatures and flora, then it is believed that creation is the truth of the world, not destruction, the associate is the best principle of well being, not utilitarianism.

Under the above circumstances, the plant ‘Juclorelli’ starts living in the body of ‘Hydra’, where it feels safe. But since it is a plant, the food can be obtained by photosynthesis (a chemical process in sunlight), for which it is necessary to get carbon dioxide gas, by preparing the necessary chlorophyll (green material). He could consume all his organs. Hydra fulfils the requirement of this carbon dioxide by its exhaled breath and the oxygen released by Zuccorally absorbs you. In this way, both live happily with mutual cooperation. Hydra also gets power from photosynthesis.

If we want to understand the cooperation in fauna and flora more thoroughly, then we have to study the composition, life-holding and development method of ‘Laguminousi’ ie plants of legumes like gram, peas, beans, soybeans etc. The roots of these plants have large bales. Not with the gross eye, but by looking at a lump and looking through a microscope, billions of bacteria (bacteria) will be seen starring in it. It is surprising to see how strong shells have been created by micro to protect microorganisms, but it seems to be done not only for security but for the development of friendship and cooperative tendency in the world, because in these lumps By keeping the bacteria safe, not only this, both the bacteria and this plant provide important support in the development of each other like husband and wife, like brother and neighbour.

For the good growth of plants, it is necessary to get a sufficient amount of nitrogen from the soil. Due to the roots being light, it cannot work, so by taking the rent of sucking only nitrogen, these plants keep those bacteria safe for life for a lifetime.

There are many people in our society who are in a very undeveloped state in terms of education, knowledge acquisition, body, resources etc., this cooperation of nature teaches and teaches us that we should also respect them for their upliftment, Whatever possible support you can make for maintenance and protection, it should be done. Due to the principle of cooperation, the negative people of the society also turn up and the possibilities of development and success of able people change.

Written by David Lee

Love, sympathy and kindness are for all

The tendency to support the incompetent exists in nature