The tendency to support the incompetent exists in nature

Cooperation is also found in the fauna and tree flora – the tendency to support the incompetent and the oppressed is found only when the existence of the weakest and the poorest on the earth exists.

A fish called ‘radish’ is found in the rivers of Middle Europe. This fish is so weak and petty that it is a kind of disaster to lay eggs in open spaces. Whatever organism passes through there, it clears them.

There are some trees, which grow small plants in their range. There are also two or four predatory animals in the whole forest, which eat small animals, some of Africa’s plants are such that a bird came to them for shelter and they held it with their pointed leaves. There are one or two fish in the sea, one or two animals like crocodiles and crocodiles, which cannot see anyone flourish, licking whatever was of lesser power than themselves.

There are animals of such evil nature in various nature, but their number, their average is a little but what should be called the vision of the human race, which by taking these two or four examples, only a foolish principle like ‘utilitarianism’ is prepared. If you find out, most of the world is flourishing on the principle of ‘Let us live together’. If the thing that had been killed by killing the little ones had been true, then in a few centuries the world population would not have been more than two times.

The theme presented suggests that even the intelligent creatures of the world consider it beneficial to live together. While radish fish is found here, a creature called ‘oyster’ is also found here. The oyster’s body is surrounded by a thick and hard covering like a tortoise so that it cannot serve its eggs. In such a situation both radish fish and oyster meet and according to ‘come we – you both live together’, they make a compromise.

The radish inserts its eggs into the shell of the oyster, at the same time the oyster lays eggs, the radish sticks to its body. Radish wanders around and collects food for himself, the oyster’s children thrive on his grain, while his own children feed the oyster. It seems that Indian sociologists had prepared the code of conduct of cooperation and organization among different castes by reading this silent language of nature. Even today its value and importance are the same in social life. Only on the basis of this principle can the world be happy. Not on exploitation, deceit, fraud, dishonesty, immorality and adulteration. If he does this wickedness with another, then the rest of the environment will be prepared for him as well.

This example is no exception. The ‘protococcal’ plants of the ‘Algae’ species and the ‘Ascomycetes’ plants of the Fuga caste also intermingle and provide each other with very beautiful nutrition. The teacher gives us knowledge, teaches us but we cannot even take out an hour for our illiterate wife or uneducated neighbour, when we were children, our parents used to raise us by sleeping in half-stomach, wet clothes, but today when They have grown old, then how much we ignore them. Barber, oilman, potter, shopkeeper, railwayman, the world is like this, we are ready to give our services, then if we think of cheating others, then who would be despicable and disgusted by such a person?

Written by David Lee

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