World lives on mutual cooperation | Part-2

Betel leaves grow very well with the help of mango trees. If they do not get the shade of a dense tree, then the life of the poor person will be in trouble. Here the elder protects the interests of the younger. Due to inferior root immortal vine itself cannot take food directly, for this it gets protection from big trees. Whoever has the resources and assets, they should not consider it as their own and also consider the entire earth and distribute generously to the under-developed as per the need, so why should there be asymmetry? Big powers should exploit small powers, this is not a natural law. Nature acts to give life to the dependent and help in its development. Cardamom grows in the shade of a coconut tree. It is not a universal rule that big trees should eat small trees under them.

One was blind in the village, the other was lame. One day a fire broke out in the village accidentally. Able people escaped safely with their belongings. Only two people who were lame and blind were such people who were unable to get out. Suddenly, the blind thought of a solution. He said to the lame- If you keep telling me the way, I can get you out of here by sitting on my shoulder and thus both of us can escape safely from here. The lame liked the plan. The blind made him sit on the shoulder. The lame continued to show him the direction and thus both came out of the flames with a fire.

This story of the blind and lame is a direct proof of the principle of protection and happiness of human society. Here no person is complete, all are incomplete. The doctor may be a scholar of medicine and not of law. Despite being knowledgeable of engineer machines, there remains a stubborn child in terms of business science. It is not necessary for a scientist to teach his own children, for that, he will have to take the support of the college with the teachers. In a world of imperfections, if utilitarianism is to be openly supported, then everyone will consider themselves useful and deceive, exploit and torture, in such a situation, uneducated but healthy and strong will want to prove the usefulness of their body. He will commit robbery, robbery and other crimes, because the intellectual power that keeps him in justice and control is paralyzed. If everyone generously adopts the path of cooperation with each other, then everyone should also enjoy the joy in voluntary means. This utilitarianism can only be blamed on the mess that is the situation today.

Conch is found in the sea. His worm comes out, then a water animal called ‘Hermit Crab’ of the Orthopoda class sits in it. He used to think that here he will be safe, but here also he remains afraid of the enemy. Fish catch and eat him anytime. If the theory of utilitarianism had been true and practical, then the lineage of this insect would have ended.

But nature inspired him to cooperate. At the same time there is an animal named ‘Fisellia’. The poor man cannot walk for his food. Arthopoda makes him sit on the back of his conch and rotates it from here to there. In antipyretia, ficellia bears the burden of protecting that arthropod. Ficellia keeps extracting a deodorant like moss from its body, as a result, the fish does not come near frightfully wherever they live, and this fluid is used to kill small animals and feed both Ficelia and Hermit Kreb. Is also found and thus the life of Orthopoda remains safe. This shows that if nature had not inspired cooperation and harmony internally, then the existence of entire beings of the universe would have ended. They have no hands, feet, mouth etc. There is a nucleus and ‘cytoplasm’ around it. Amoeba is one such protoactive. When the organism called ‘Paramycium’ of this species gets tired and the vitality decreases or experiences old age, then the two Paramycium together with each other is like a cytoplasm (a kind of fluid which contains gases, minerals, in addition to water There are different elements, metals, salts, potassium, phosphorus, etc. They exchange, this again brings a new power in them.

Written by David Lee

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