The Story of whale | Part-1

The giant water monster whale is discussed with great thrill and curiosity in animal life if it ever rises and attacks, even the big ships coming in its path can be easily submerged. Only a light shock to ordinary boats can reach the abyss. The adventurous hunters pursue their lives by betting on them. If they are under pressure, then the valuable property of the same whale oil, meat, leather and bone etc. makes them goods. Some whales are found as giant as a small island. What to say about his strength. The combined strength of a hundred elephants is also insignificant compared to that.

For the first time in the history of the world, the injured whale was somehow caught in a living condition, it survived for only 18 hours. This giant whale was caught near Setarta Island on 16 July 1964 and was captured and placed in a small bay built to repair ‘Drydak’ ships near the coast of the Sea of ​​Vacovar. The quickness and promptness in quickly evacuating the place for this from the drydock company and making it a suitable captive food of whale will also be called a memorable success.

Samuel Voorich was not a professional hunter. He was a considered sculptor, artist. He was tasked to make a whale fish statue on behalf of the public fish house of Vacavover. He was not on the basis of mere imagination, he had the mind to manufacture the artwork accordingly, seeing the exact shape of the whale. For this purpose, they came down to the sea with the necessary boats and weapons to hunt the whale and went towards the area where the whale lived. After several days of searching, they finally got success. A giant whale appeared to ripple the waves of the sea — a high-water fountain from the mouth, running in front at a stormy speed. She looked like an angel like a black smooth statue made of Syah Musa stone. The investigators trembled once upon seeing him, but the second moment they gathered courage and harpoon spear aimed at him. This spear, whirring in the air, entered the right shoulder of the water monster. Cremation-like flirtation for a minute, then in a short period of time the injured fish started making such a furious rumour as if it would churn the ocean itself. She had been a drain of blood from the wound and her scattering was leaving its impact like a red waterfall on the waves.

The sailors handled the ropes firmly tied in the tail of the ‘harpoon’ spear. Do not know what the wounded mortal did in this angry condition, with the fear that all the employees sitting in that hunting boat were shivering.

Three thousand pounds of heavily wounded whale overturned on the attacking boat. Tearing his gigantic face, he would swoop as if the existence of the boat and the sailors would dissolve in the womb of this sea. Seeing such terribleness, patience could also be impatient. The other sailors were taking all possible measures to cancel their rescue and attack in this life and death pact. But Viewrich remained motionless as ever. It is as if his pupils are busy, like a cameraman skilled in taking a picture of a whale. This moment was carrying lightning speed. One could expect only a few minutes of the result of the invasion. One of the sailors started firing machine guns towards the fish. The second jerked the rope of the harpoon so that the pain of the wound increased and forced it to return. The third was diverting the boat from the direction of attack. All were trying their own way.

This story will be continued in Part-2

Written by David Lee

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