The story of whale | Part-2

But do not know what happened to Viewrich. He was flowing in some sense. Not knowing in the whale, she saw such a wonderful beauty, and it became enchanted in a way by structuring her work. For a moment he felt that a fish girl is flying in the sky and is touching the injustice of unreasonable injustice. The artist’s compassion melted in tears from his eyes, he was not aware of how much self-guilt was there and how much love was there. The felt harpoon was pierced in his shoulder. Once he groaned. The companions in the boat were amazed at what more new disaster came? What happened to Viewrich suddenly?

This movement took a new turn. The speed of Dhawman whale stopped. It is as if she has understood the emotional atmosphere of Viewrich and while presenting the blame for the misfortune, she is presenting her love towards this artist. The harpoon had penetrated as deep. The bloodstream was flowing in the same order, but its repulsions and anger were over. A sailor may think she is dying. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he wanted to launch new weapons, but Viewrich stopped his hand.

The whale was fully alive and alert, but she came near the boat like a spellbuster. Out of the water, her bright eyes stared at the artist in such a way as if she is expressing her poetic poet-like sensations. It did not take long for Viewrich to understand the situation. He came to believe that the round of offensive repression was over and the exchange of expressions was going on. The injured fish were circling around the boat like a pet dog. The artist kept on assuring the scared and bewildered sailor of this situation that the spirit won the outrage, maliciousness went away in the flow of goodwill. There is no need to fear anymore. Mercy has now taken the place of hatred.

Voorikakh informs Superman Superintendent of Vacuovers by a transmitter mounted in the boat that the wounded whale has been caught alive and that his residence should now be arranged. The radio listener did not believe what it was being said. Somewhere the living whale can also be imprisoned. A long time ago, a very injured fish was caught alive in a dying state, she also survived only 18 hours. Is it really going to be a reality by holding a whale alive and watching it closely and doing research on it instead of being a dream?

The boat ran along with the boat to Drydac Lake. Where it was felt that the towing of the harpoon connected with the boat was causing some kind of hardship to the whale, proper arrangements were made for its improvement. The boat was driven very slowly with this thought. The journey, which could be completed in just a few hours, was completed in 17 hours. Thousands of people were standing up to see this amazing sight on the coast of Vaikuavar. This seemed to be a magical event for everyone.

Whale arrived in the bay that remained as a prisoner. Now there was a question of removing the ‘Harpoon’ spear which had penetrated deep into his body so that it could be relieved and kept alive. This required a very large operation. A team of doctors, led by Dr Pat Meckmyer, prepared for this by placing their lives on the palm. They were placed in an iron ark and carried to the whale. He swiftly carried out the operation several yards wide and took out a deeply penetrated spear. People were surprised by how calm the fish is carrying out that operation like a sensible patient. The wound was very large. He was in danger of becoming toxic. In order to avoid this risk, a large quantity of pencil was filled into the wound by filling it in twelve feet long bamboo.

After all this and after spending several days believing that she can be kept domestic for a long time for the enormous research of whale life. It was then thought to be named and to find out whether he was male or female. After much searching, he was found to be female. Accordingly, it was named ‘Mavi Dal’. On the occasion of this naming ceremony, in the heavy rain, fifteen thousand people came to see that fish girl after getting permission and putting a line, in a long time, they could take advantage of the unique world beauty of their own kind.

Research of the methods of ‘Mavi Dal’ has given rare information about whale life to mankind. At the same time, an even higher level of truth has been presented that the power of goodwill is immense, on the basis of them, death can be made unchanged and hatred can be converted into compassion. This experiment is not only successful among humans, but no living organism of the zoological world can be out of the grip of goodwill, even if it is of undeveloped morale or angry nature. There is a lot of talk about magic, but more than affection and goodwill, there is hardly any other magic that can make the heroes own.

Written by David Lee

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